Gay Debate: The Church’s Dangerous Dilemma

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Holy Soup

A few months ago, Mark went to his pastor with an admission and a question. This 25-year-old man grew up in this church. He now sat with the only pastor he’s known. Haltingly, Mark told his pastor that he’s gay. He said he loved his church. And he asked if he and his male friend could continue to attend and participate in church activities. 

The pastor took a deep breath and told Mark he was living in sin. The pastor said he still loved Mark. But he said it would be inappropriate for Mark and his friend to be a part of this church.

In another state, Al, a senior pastor in a large church, faced growing pressure after the denomination began welcoming openly homosexual individuals into the clergy. His congregation, split on the issue, demanded to know where Al stood. Though he attempted to make peace with both sides…

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